Promoting Mental Health Awareness Month: Reulay and Blend Media Offer Free Access to AI-curated 360 Video Experiences for Enhanced Mental Well-Being.

In the ever-evolving landscape of mental health solutions, the intersection of technology and neuroscience is giving rise to innovative approaches. As we head toward Mental Health Awareness Month for the whole of May this year, we would like to highlight one such pioneer in the field – Reulay, a platform leveraging AI algorithms to curate and deliver mental health solutions. Partnering with us at Blend Media, and our leading 360 content licensing platform, Reulay has applied an algorithmic approach to categorize and select 360 content based on neuroscience and clinical research. This strategic collaboration aims to provide users with a curated library of immersive experiences tailored to enhance mental health solutions.

In partnership we are offering free 30-day access in the build up to Mental Health Awareness Month:

iOS 30-day free access:

Reulay’s AI-Driven Mental Wellbeing 

Reulay’s AI-driven approach is based on the fact that anxiety presents in different ways for different people. By analyzing extensive datasets and drawing insights from validated methodologies, Reulay’s algorithms can categorize 360 content from Blend Media into brain-based categories designed to address mental health concerns. These categories are strategically designed to align with specific therapeutic outcomes, ensuring users receive targeted and effective mental health solutions during a time that can be particularly challenging for many. No more ‘one size fits all.’

Empowering Minds through Innovation: 

Blend Media and Reulay joined forces in the dynamic landscape of mental healthcare, where the surge in mental health claims has become a critical concern. Reulay’s approach validated at Mayo Clinic, not only offers a cost-effective alternative but also significantly reduces healthcare claims, standing at 1/100th of the standard of care expense. 

In a strategic move towards even greater impact, Reulay has partnered with us at Blend Media and we’re happy to share you access to their platform for free this month. Here’s an example of our content offering a captivating snowy cabin scene used by Reulay, created by James Donald.

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