What’s new in the latest 360 Stories update?

We are continuously working to improve 360 Stories in order to provide our users with the best possible tools to help them create the ultimate interactive 360°° experience.

Below I have highlighted some of the most important changes in this month’s update including new customisation options, a smoother user interface, and new publishing and sharing options.

New Customisation Options

Scene links (elements which allow users to move between scenes) are now customisable! You are now able to upload and use custom images for scene links, change the border colour, and change the shape from a pin to either a circle or a square.

We have also added a new set of fonts to the text element, allowing for more customisation when you come to inserting text into your scene.

These new options will help to make scene links and text more interactive and prominent in scenes, improving the user experience and allowing you to make your 360 Stories even more interactive and visually appealing.

Publish and share to more places

There’s a brand new look to our publishing flow, which shows you a progress timer, and pre flight checks when you’re publishing a Story.

Thanks to some background optimisation, Stories also now load a lot quicker, and can be experienced on all major browsers and mobile devices.

We’ve also added share options to stories allowing users to share your 360 Stories whilst viewing them via Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and other social media platforms.

Other updates

You can now drag and drop files to add new images and videos into a scene

3D video and other aspect ratios are now supported

VPAID URL, works with any VPAID supported ad platform like Unruly, Teads and Yahoo

New upload progress indicators

New instant preview while assets are being uploaded

New keyboard shortcuts

You can now copy and paste elements between scenes

Support for non-english characters and emojis

We need your help!

Many of our updates and new features have been suggested by our users, if you have any ideas for new features, or changes to the platform, please get in touch with me at nick@blend.media

Try the latest update now

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