The Benefits of Referring an Immersive project

/ 6 days ago

Ross Wakefield shares how the project referral programme works, why it helps the immersive industry, and what he’s been busy creating.

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Let VR entertain you

Thea Parnell / 13 days ago

How the entertainment industry is using immersive content to bring the audience closer than ever The applications for immersive technologies are wide-ranging and are evolving at pace; from 3D models of theatre and film sets; AR filters for album l…

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Blend Media launches Immersive content platform - Blen…

Thea Parnell / 15 days ago

Blend Media launches world’s first Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality freelancer marketplace – Blend Market Immersive content platform to connect businesses with a global community of thousands of creative professionals, content and solutions

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Blend Market platform update: Beyond Beta

Kerry Jones / 26 days ago

Since beta launch Since beta launch we’ve been busy making continuous improvements, here are some of the new features we’ve added recently: A project referral programme, where anyone can refer projects to Blend Market and get paid for the referral. …

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CREATOR PROFILE: Chrissy Gow, AccessAR

Thea Parnell / 28 days ago

Say hello to Chrissy Gow, Founder of AccessAR. AccessAR helps event marketers, entertainment studios and brands across verticals easily integrate augmented reality experiences into all of their campaigns.  Chrissy founded AccessAR in 2018 to make mo…

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Facebook Connect 2020: Oculus Quest 2, Infinite Office…

Thea Parnell / 29 days ago

Anticipating great things, the Blend Media team tuned into Facebook Connect on Wednesday 16 September, some in Oculus Venues using the now somewhat outdated v1 of the Oculus Quest headset, and others on Facebook Live. Mark Zuckerberg kicked off a tw…

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Creator Profile: Helen Routledge, CEO Totem Learning

/ 5 months ago

Meet Helen Routledge, CEO of Totem Learning. Based in the West Midlands, Helen and her team of designers, artists and developers create digital learning experiences using VR and AR. Totem Learning are one of the many immersive solutions providers on…

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