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Ant Hagan, Aug-it!

Laura Helm / 2 days ago

Ant Hagan heads up Aug-it!, an augmented reality app development team based in Liverpool’s creative district - the Baltic Triangle.

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Your Face or Mine - Face to Face Marketing with Filters

Laura Helm / 10 days ago

Your Face or Mine. Not the TV show, (let’s not get into a debate on the ethics of that!) but face filters, whether you like them or not, they are here to stay! Last week, Facebook launched its new AR ads product allowing brands to run interactive A…

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Simon Brooksbank / 11 days ago

The global market for AR in retail will reach $1.6 billion by 2025; a gargantuan level of growth which retailers need to wholly embrace or risk being left behind. With ‘the death of the high street’ headlines more commonplace than ever in a challeng…

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AR for Marketing, why not get a little ‘Excitable Edga…

Laura Helm / 12 days ago

Whilst it might not be your favourite John Lewis Christmas ad of all time (mine is #Montythepenguin 2014) this year alongside Excitable Edgar soft toys, pyjamas and even mugs, you can also hang out with the little dragon using a snap lens.

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Introducing Blend Market

Simon Brooksbank / 12 days ago

PwC recently released the latest in a series of reports anticipating huge growth in the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality sector citing that VR and AR could add £1.4 trillion ($1.8 trillion) to the global economy by 2030. These mediums are only …

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VR & AR help train surgeons in dealing with life-threa…

Simon Brooksbank / a month ago

The VR healthcare market is expected to be worth $7.05 Billion by 2026 and that’s no surprise given advances in the effectiveness and cost efficiency of VR in healthcare training. With medical mistakes having potentially catastrophic consequences, …

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VR: A Smarter Approach To Training and Recruitment

Damian Collier / 2 months ago

Training new employees can be a burdensome process for any organisation, as time must be allocated and invested in teaching new starters the tasks and skills needed for their roles within the business.  This ultimately results in lost productivity a…

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