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State of 360˚ Video Survey

Kerry Jones / 8 months ago

STATE OF 360˚ VIDEO SURVEY We're putting together a report on how 360˚ video was used in 2018 across various industries including the challenges and changes taking place around 360˚ video in 2019 and beyond. For that we need your help. If you can…


Best 360 Cameras for Virtual Tours

Noor Anwar / 10 months ago

In order to create a 360 virtual tour, you need to have a camera that captures video and imagery in 360.  360 or immersive content is video and imagery where a view in every direction is captured at the same time, providing a 360-degree panorama.   …

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VR Makes a Whole Lotta Sense

Greg Bond / 10 months ago

A close look at how virtual reality and its future provides a unique opportunity for different industries - from luxury to the corporate brands sector. While the virtual reality industry is still experiencing some growing pains, it was extremely en…

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Real Estate: Dominate your Competition with Profession…

Noor Anwar / 10 months ago

Immersive technology has transformed the old-school world of real estate where you had to book an appointment with a real estate agent just to figure out your initial impression of a space.  In today’s millennial-driven market, what the customer can…

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Using Virtual Reality to Train your Employees

Noor Anwar / 10 months ago

Interactive virtual trainings are transforming the way organizations recruit, train and develop their employees, using 360 video and virtual reality (VR) to simulate real-world, on-the-job scenarios for enhanced learning.  Virtual training is being …

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Immersive Storytelling for Brands on Halloween

Noor Anwar / a year ago

Halloween is a fast-growing sector, spreading its spooky excitement beyond just the United States.  It is being largely driven by millennials around the globe and so if that is your brand’s key demographic, it provides a perfect occasion to engage w…

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Creating a one-of-a-kind Immersive Experience

Simon Brooksbank / a year ago

We recently partnered with M Booth to create the content for an interactive experience for The Macallan. The final project included a 20ftx20ft projected cube, 4D multi-sensory VR experience in New York’s Grand Central Station, enabling visitors to …

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