How Can 360 Stories Help You?

360 Stories is a technology platform by Blend Media that turns passive content into dynamic user controlled content (UCC) experiences by adding interactive elements, such as videos, logos, images and text within a 360˚ canvas. 360 Story experiences can be embedded within websites and published to ad networks and across social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest.

Repurpose your 360° content

If you’ve got 360° content, like photos or video, that you’ve used in the past you can repurpose that content using 360 Stories by easily adding elements like videos, text, and images. You are then providing the opportunity for people to interact with that 360˚ content in new ways. Link multiple 360˚ videos or photos together to tell a deeper story and drive visitors to your site from within that experience.

Improve AR experiences

360 Stories can also complement Augmented Reality (AR) content by adding additional levels of interactivity to the experience. Simply hyperlink from your existing AR content to a 360 Story to encourage users to spend longer interacting with your experience.

Revamp your website

Turn your homepage into a 360° interactive website by adding a 360 Story to it. Let visitors interact with your 360° content in a new way, give them the opportunity to discover and explore, and in turn increase the amount of time they spend on your website.

Capture your audience’s attention

With so much content being published on social media it can be difficult to stand out and say things in unique ways. 360 Stories can help you get a bit of extra cut through by providing your audience with new ways to interact with and experience your 360° content. Capture their attention as they scroll through their feeds and benefit from the increased engagement and click through that 360˚ content delivers.

Access all areas

360 Stories is web based platform meaning that you can easily create and publish interactive 360˚ content. Your audience can easily interact with your content on any browser across multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, desktops and VR headsets.

We’re seeing many different and innovative applications for 360 Stories from real estate and superyacht tours, to showcasing live events, as a new way to promote products, and to simply to create fun and engaging experiences to share on social media.

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